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The Water is ours, Damnit!

20 October 2010


Senate House Basement 2 lecture theatre

The Amandla! Forum (Johannesburg)

in conjunction with the Sawyer Seminar Series and

Wits University Department of Sociology

invites you to its next forum

 The Water is Ours, Damnit!

 Wednesday 20 October

Venue: Senate House Basement 2 lecture theatre

 Wits University Main Campus

Time: 18h00

“The water is ours, damnit!" was the rallying cry in the 2000 Water War in Bolivia, in which mass mobilizations successfully prevented the privatization of water to a transnational firm. The Water War became a powerful symbol for people joining together to stem the rapacious tide of global capitalism. But with governments brought to power by social movements, both in Bolivia and in South Africa, how does the management of that basic resource now work?

This screening and conversation brings together two documentaries and two panelists to stimulate discussions. We will look at parts of the documentary FLOW: For Love of Water, which traces the impending crisis and privatization of the global supply of fresh water, and 7 Years After the Water War, which examines what has happened with access to water in the Bolivian city, where the right to water as a public good was reclaimed.

The films will be followed by a discussion with two people who have studied the intractably difficult questions of water management in South Africa and Bolivia, in order to open up a conversation on the possibilities and challenges of more just distribution of our shared resources.

 Parking available at Yale Road or in Wits Theatre Parking Garage, entrance in Jorissen street, Braamfontein (parking garage entrance is immediately after the pedestrian entrance to Senate House, take the lift or stairs to floor B1).

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