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The Salon


Photo Credit: Wandile Kasibe
Photo Credit: Wandile Kasibe
Lufuno Ramadwa

(Univeristy of Cape Town, Political Science, Media and English literature Student)

Black stain, why do you mess up this perfect fabric of white?
My white can only attract darkness, but you not supposed to be here
You create a problem,
You need to be fixed,
You cannot be perfect, but you can be fixed
I will scrub on you until your darkness has faded

"No unusual, attention- attracting, exotic or dreadlock hairstyles"

I only jumped on your puddle because I wanted to see
I knew I could be dirtied, but did not expect to be
Your blackness broke my perfect white
You on me now, so
I will make it hard for you to survive.
You will learn my tongue

Not your Molweni or Ndi macheroni, but my Goieie more Meneer

You will learn my ways

Not your Uphokoqo or Mopani worms, but my Melktert

Living on me, that is the only way you will get by.
I am afraid of you, because I have all this to lose

White stain,

My blackness is suppose to be susceptible to you
But why are you very hard to find here?
You were intentionally placed here
By whom, I don't know.
I cannot afford to get other fabric, but
But it is fine, you can stay.
Your presence will try to
control my conscious every time I exhale,
But it is fine.
I will try to cover you up with what I can,
I will try to survive,
That is the only way.
I am not afraid of you, there is nothing I have to lose.